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Eye Fit Capsule

Eye Fit Capsule


Our eyes are exposed to several irritants everyday such as artificial lightings, computer's blue light, smoke, wind, pollen, dust and free radicals. These irritants can affect the eyesight. A balanced supply of proper nutrients plays an important role for healthy eyes!


Each Eye Fit Capsule contains Lutein, Carotenoids, Zeaxanthin, Blueberry Extract, Vitamin E, Vitamin B2, Vitamin A, Zinc and Selenium. Zinc, Vitamin A and B2 contributes to maintaining normal vision - especially for those who are having difficulty seeing in the night. Vitamin E and Selenium are important antioxidants that help to protect sensitive cells against oxidative stress. The Eye Fit Capsule supports the health of the Eyes and Vision. Each bottle has 90 capsules.


It's simple to consume! Swallow 1 to 2 Capsules daily with sufficient fluids and you're all set! Not suitable for pregnant women and those under the age of 17.


WhatsApp us @ 8868 6661 if you have further enquiries :) We will always be there to assist!